Inlay and Onlay Filling

This is the treatment option applied between the Filling and the Crown. When there isn’t enough dental tissue left to support the filling and the tooth is not that damaged for a crown to be made, inlay and onlay fillings are preferred. All decayed teeth and corrupt tissue are cleaned. Impressions are taken and teeth are made outside the mouth. After that, with special methods, they are glued on the tooth. Regarding the materials used, there are composite and porcelain inlay-onlay fillings. Their failure rate is significantly lower against traditional fillings.

Inlay-Onlay filling operations are performed at our Ankara, İstanbul and Antalya Clinics. 

For Inlay-Onlay filling prices, please call our clinics to get detailed information. Also, with a free examination, you will have detailed information regarding your teeth. If you care about dental aesthetics and want to have a more beautiful look, you can go for Inlay and Onlay fillings. Our clinics provide services with their staff of experts in dental aesthetics and smile design.