Dentures are artificial materials, which would be a replacement for teeth lost due to various reasons facilitating the elimination of aesthetic oral deformities and varying according to the functional needs. Generally, one of the important reasons for missing teeth is mistreatment or negligence of gum diseases.

In addition to these, tooth loss may also occur in accidents after which artificially made dentures would serve the functions of normal teeth with a better aesthetic appearance. Mainly, the aim of using dentures is to reinstate the chewing function and, for the patients with speaking impairment, to improve the quality of life.


Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures are the mostl commonly used tye of dentures. These dentures represent the type of restorations made from other teeth or implants over the empty socket. In short, they are dentures, which are complementary to the patient’s missing teeth impairing the articulation and visual aesthetics. The main purpose of this type of dentures is their ability to resist chewing forces maintaining the condition of other oral structures aesthetically.

Removable Dentures

Removable dentures are used when either there are multiple missing teeth or when fixed dentures cannot be used due to limitations of the restoration site. Removable dentures are divided into 2 categories as complete and partial dentures. Removable denture treatment is quite different than other dentures. For the sake of treatment, the patient may be asked to visit the dental clinic quite often. For patient’s compliance with the denture and to make improvements on the prosthetic, the patient may be asked to see the doctor. Removable dentures are not related to patient’s age but to the amount of missing teeth. There is a wave of misinformation regarding the removable dentures being only used after a certain age. This perception is based on more common incidence of tooth loss among the elderly.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are the type of dentures applied on edentulous jaws. In an edentulous jaw, cheeks look more collapsed and closer to the chin. In short, the face appears old. Edentulous patients can’t eat properly and may experience inconveniences in social life. In this treatment, dentures are made of pink resin by using acrylic, the type of material that has the closest color to gums.

Partial (or Contemporary) Dentures

These are the removable type of dentures. Getting support from the jawbone, partial (or contemporary) dentures fulfill speech, masticatory and aesthetic functions. Although they are known as removable dentures, a well-made and well-planned denture would not cause any problem to the patient in terms of chewing or speaking. To the contrary, they are an ease of use for the patient. The main framework of the denture contains metal in a rather thin structure. This, while facilitating ease-of-use to the patient also maximizes the compliance. Also, with a system called deflex, all potential allergic complications to metal are eliminated.On the contrary, the patient can easily use it. The main structure of the prosthetic consists of thin metal. This, while facilitating ease-of-use to the patient to maximize the compatibility. Also, with a system called deflex, all allergic complications which the metal may cause are eliminated against compatibility issues.

Precision-Attachment Retained Dentures

Colloquially known as clicker dentures. In this type of dentures, the procedure is not based on clasps but rather retainers and crowns made on the supporting teeth. The most important advantage of these dentures is their aesthetic and retention performance.

Denture Implants

Today’s technology makes it possible to prefer denture implants over removable implants with many advantages presented to the user. It is the type of dentures that eliminates all disadvantages of removable dentures and provides many benefits to the patient with great comfort and ease of use. With the introduction of dentures made of titanium, many chronic problems in dentistry are resolved.

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