Bleaching (Teeth Whitening)

Diş beyazlatma tedavisi; yıllar içerisinde dişler üzerinde sigara tüketimi, yiyecek – içeceklerin (çay, kahve, şarap vb.) oluşturduğu renk değişikliklerini gidermek veya mevcut diş rengini açmak amacıyla yapılan işlemdir. Dişleri beyazlatmak için çeşitli yöntemler mevcuttur.

One is the professional bleaching performed with the help of your doctor in the clinical setting whereas the other is the home bleaching system applied again in adherence to your doctor’s advice.
The systems used in clinics are the office type bleaching systems also known as the ‘Office Bleaching’. The bleaching performed under doctor control with an aligner molded in the dental laboratory fitting to your teeth is the home type (home bleaching). For the home type bleaching, an aligner is needed to facilitate the contact of whitening gel with your teeth for a couple of hours a day or while you are sleeping.


‘Office type dental bleaching’can be applied in two ways. Your doctor uses a very strong whitening substance alone or with a laser. Along with these two, your dentist first cleans the surface of your teeth to eliminate bacterial plaques. After that, the whitening gel is used with the help of the curing light to accelerate the bleaching process. Generally, the gel is used alone but some need laser light. Laser won’t whiten the teeth but it activates the whitening gel and starts the necessary chemical reaction (the laser won’t penetrate the tooth). Although this process provides immediate results, for achieving the desired whiteness, several sessions may be needed and this is again related to your doctor’s advice.

The patient may feel some sensitivity on the teeth in between bleaching sessions and 1 week after the process. Special anti-sensitivity brushes and toothpastes alleviate this sensitivity considerably. If the whitening process is done correctly, there would be no harm to the teeth.

Where is the Dental Bleaching Clinic in Ankara?

Whichever bleaching system is used, the degree of bleaching depends on your original tooth color and the cause of discoloration. The timing for termination of the bleaching is both a personal and professional preference to be decided by your doctor. The most important point in bleaching is to perform the procedure in a way to match with your dental structure.

Contact Information for Bleaching Clinics

Please call +90 312 286 31 31 for Ankara, +90 212 216 45 96 for Istanbul and +90 242.332 26 26 for Antalya.