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He was Born in Rize in 1980. Having graduated from Antalya Gazi Mustafa Kemal Primary School, he completed his secondary and high school education in Antalya Anatolian High School. He started his undergraduate education in Faculty of Dentistry, Hacettepe University in 1998 and after this, he began his academic life in 2005 in Prosthetic Dental Treatment (Prosthetics) Department for his doctorate/research associate position. He achieved the title of science doctor with his thesis on the evaluation of passive compatibility of overimplant bars.

Again, the same year, after validating his Prosthetics Expertise from the Ministry of Health, he started working in private clinics in Ankara. Since November 2013, he has been providing services to his patients at Antera Dental Clinic, which he is also a founder.
Dr.İlker Bacaksız, continuing his works especially on customized (personalized) and aesthetic dentistry, likes travelling, photography and outdoor sports (paragliding) in his spare times.